Kusar. One of the most beautiful and the most interesting places not only of Azerbaijan, but also of all Caucasus is in the northeast part of the country, at the top of Shahdag Mountain. The nature is exclusive and various: woods and the severe mountains covered with glaciers of Caucasus, the deepest canyons, the rare ravines, amazing high-mountainous lakes and falls, multiple mountains, unapproachable passes. This territory is the interlink between Europe and the Middle East.
Kusar is the original gate of the republic. From ancient time this territory was situated on the main trade routes. Rich and various nature, the crystal-pure air, favorable climate (in winter the temperature falls to minus 20 — 22 degrees and in summer the temperature does not exceed plus 20 degrees in the evening), original culture — all it gives the opportunity for building and development of modern tourist complex corresponding to the world standards.
Since 2006 work of building of Winter & Summer tourist complex «Shahdag» are carrying out in Kusar. For coordination the works, by the regulation of the Cabinet Council of the Azerbaijan Republic №116 dated May, 19th, 2008 under the Ministry of the Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic the Direction of Winter & Summer tourist complex «Shahdag» was set up.

The Government of Azerbaijan — Ministry of Culture and Tourism — is developing a Winter & Summer Tourism Resort- «Shahdag Resort»- in the Caucasian Mountains.The Shahdag Hotels Project consists of two five star hotels with a combined are of circa 50,000m2 and forms part of the master plan development of the

Shahdag winter and summer resort with comprises state of the art skiing with snow-making facilities, ski lifts and gondolas, a  golf course and the opportunity to undertake mountain sports and recreation and to explore and savour the beautiful mountain regions surrounding Shahdag. The resort will also include exclusive villas, a shopping plaza and mountain top restaurant. Further phases of development will comprise prime development and real estate to further enhance the area. The resort will operate through all seasons of the year and is intended to attract regional and international visitors.

Shahdag Resort is situated in the province of Gusar, between an altitude of 1’300 m to 3’200 m and is at 2 — 3 hours driving distance from Baku.

Final resort capacity of 1 0’000 visitors per day — including hotel capacity of about 3’090 rooms.  Total planning area of the resort- 2’050 ha

Shahdag Resort is designed to be attractive in the winter and summer seasons: nature — winter and summer sport- leisure and conference business.

Total development will take 7 to 10 years and consists of 4 main phases.

The resort will create between 3’000 and 5’000 jobs for the local population, with additional 3’000 jobs outside of the resort.

The realisation of «Shahdag Resort» will be the basis for the growth of national and international tourism in Azerbaijan and will contribute to the development of the country and to the welfare of the people.

The basic infrastructure, the ski lifts & slopes, the Main Plaza and the first hotel will be financed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.


  • Welcome Plaza
  • Main Plaza with
  • Delivery System and
  • Car Park
  • Palace — Four Seasons 6* Hotel
  • 5* Marriott Hotel
  • Sport Hotel 3*
  • Multipurpose Building
  • Liftbase Monogondola
  • Mountain Top Rest
  • Youth Hotel
  • Apartment Hotel and Chalets
  • Staff Houses 2, 3
  • Staff Area

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