General  information

Status: Under construction
Architectural style:Highrise,Glass
Construction started:October 2007
Estimated completion:2012
Opening: April 2012
Cost:350 million USD
Roof 182 m
                              Technical details
Floor count  33/30/28
                          Design and construction
Owner:Azinko Development MMC
Main Contractor:DIA Holding Azerbaijan
Architect:HOK International
Structural engineer :Balkar Mühendislik

 Baku Flame Towers is a striking new addition to the skyline of Baku. Inspired by Azerbaijan’s long history with fire worshipping, the towers will be an eternal flame for a modern Baku.
Located on the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, the site is situated on a hill overlooking Baku Bay, the old city center and the park. With a site area of approx 28,000 m2, the project consist of 3 towers located on a retail podium. The total construction built up area of the project is 245.000 m2.

Named the City of Winds in Old Persian, people sought its protection against adversity and oppression, begged it for happiness and well being. These ancient fires are believed to have given Azerbaijan its name, which is thought by some researchers to mean “land of fires”.
Design of the Towers are a response to this fire worshipping, providing a new eternal flame of modern Baku.  

The construction started on October 2007.


The southern most tower of the scheme accommodates residential apartments . At its pinnacle is the Presidential Suite or cloud space, occupying the highest 3 levels. Views from the southern and eastern sides of the tower are extensive toward the Caspian Sea. From the northern face it is possible to look out across to the Hotel and Office Towers, and beyond to the old city of Baku.


The residential apartments reflect the best of contemporary living. The accommodation is finished to the most exacting modern standards. The exclusive interiors show the pursuit of perfection and offer a complete lifestyle. Quality and attention to detail is everywhere to be seen, and more,  so where it is not seen. Because of that, with the atmosphere of ultimate retreat, residential apartments is the place anyone can be “himself” in it.


While architects and designers create enchanting spaces, they also insure an important aspect of the hotel — its success as a business. To insure success, it is paramount to create a unique and special place, to give consideration tov the surrounding environment and context, to produce a design that will evoke an appealing hospitality. The Hotel, the most programmatically complex of the Flame Towers, is sited on the northern corner of the site and it consists of 228 rooms and 61 serviced apartments. Construction area of Hotel Tower is 61.819 m2 and it has 31 floors. Besides its health and wellness units like spa and fitness centers; Hotel Tower also has dual function both for recreational and for business related gatherings.


The Office Tower is sited on the western side of the complex, between the Hotel and Residential Towers. It provides net 35.056 m2 of flexible commercial office space. 29 floors are grouped together into 4 tiers with each one allocated a dramatic 25 meter atria above a communal Sky Garden. In planning sense of Office Tower is configured so that commercial tenancies can occupy an entire or part tier or a full or half floor. Flexible work zones which are quickly identifiable can be placed at selected areas across the floor plate. At the top of the Office Tower, there is The Cloud Space which makes a spectacular multipurpose space.